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About Us

Our website provides a simple platform for users to  learn from the number of free resorces available  on the internet. We want to focus on teaching advanced spreadsheet concepts either in excel or google sheets with incentives both in English and Hindi. Explore our courses and pick the ones that interest you.

 Portrait of the Foundation Family

Rooki Guru is the short form of Romil, Kinjal, Gunjan and Ruchir. These four people decided to fund the volunteering effort of their parents, Vibha and Fenil to help the children of India move ahead in Life. Being in the computer business, the concept of RookiGuru was formed.

There are infinite free resources available on the web for kids to learn. But sometimes it is hard to navigate. Rooki Guru works with non-profit organizations and children directly to give them access and training on the resources available and also pays them to give them a boost when they pass the exam.


‘Hello, today I am happy because I get my reward from Rooki guru. My knowledge improved with the course of rookie guru. I am interested in the computer because the Rooki guru helped me to learn that and gives significant opportunities rewarded. Rooki Guru is very best because the gift and vouchers help the poor people’

YOGESH(15 years)

'I had a very good experience with this website, user frendly. It's really fun to learn with, variety of courses to start with and fun to learn. Most important thing it teaches you as well as you can earn a bit which motivates you. That's a cleaver idea of engaging users, overall a perfect free easy to use, excellent content. Loved it, will recommend to others as well.'

 KHUSHI(15 years)

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